Here is a collection of more when 300 knit stitches which you can use in many different ways - for dresses, for jackets, for sweaters, for baby items, for hats, for socks, even for scarfs - for anythjng you might want to create with you knitting needles.
The character of your knitting will depend very much on the yarn you use. It`s astonishing how different these stitches can look when they`re made in other yarns and colours.
This website provides examples of various kinds of patterns knitting - rib, cable and twist, lace, leaves, multi-color patterns for beginners and experienced knitters masters.
Instead of verbal descriptions we use schemes. These schemes can see all of the picture knit, and it immediately you can determine the degree of complexity of the pattern.
In each scheme, the first line is the bottom row. Begin knitting the right lower corner. Rapport pattern, that is, in a repeating part of the picture is highlighted in pink color schemes.

New knitting patterns:
Cloves Pigtail Rib Strand Gridline
knitted edging patterns Cloves border knitting Pigtail Rib knitted lace edging patterns Strand knitting borders Gridline

free knitting stitches Vermicelli
knit and sew Ripple
learning to knit String
leaf knitting stitch Beads
lace patterns knitting Float
cable stitch needle Bows
Lace Column
free lace knitting stitches Lace Column
lace stitches knitting patterns free Geometric
knitting help Stairs
Hop Cones
simple eyelet stitch knitting Hop Cones
Border with leaves
lace knit pattern Border with leaves
graph knitting pattern Fantail
Sea Scallop
wave stitch pattern Sea Scallop
1 stitch Aster
basic knitting stitch blique
textured knitting stitch patterns Knot