Knitting Stitch Patterns -- Eyelets & Lace Stitches

Lace and openwork patterns are most popular patterns for knitting. There are many different eyelet knitting patterns free for beginners with instructions, simple, easy, diamond, shell.
The main element of eyelets is yarn over. Regular location yarn over on the crocheted canvas and creates a lace pattern.
Eyelets differ in size, location and nature of the compositional elements. They may consist of a large or small motives differ simple or complex texture, have horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction, be a flower or geometric ornaments.
Especially carefully it is necessary to pick up the yarn for openwork products. The yarn must be of good quality, smooth and not a very dark color. Then the pattern is well seen and looks most effectively.
But the thickness of the yarn can be very different - from very thin summer and elegant products to thick for sports jackets, sweaters and pullovers.