Knitting Stitch Patterns -- Knit & Purl Stitches

Simple knit and purl combinations can produce subtle but beautiful textures, particularly if you use a good quality yarn that enhances the stitch.
This type of knitting is the easiest of all the variety of knitted ornament.
We get a magnificent reliefs and convex texture.

Squares Fishtail Candy Tiling
different knitting stitches Squares knit and purl stitch patterns Fishtail knit purl stitch patterns Candy different knit stitch patterns Tiling
Oval track String bag Bricks Waffle
knit purl stitches Oval track purl knit stitch String bag knit purl knit purl Bricks purl and knit Waffle
Wickerwork Columns Corbel Facet
purl in knitting Wickerwork purl stitch knitting Columns learn how to knit Corbel knit purl stitch Facet
Castle Rhombus Candle Chinese Lantern
knitting blogs Castle knitting techniques Rhombus knit for you Candle pearl knitting stitch Chinese Lantern
Crack Diagonal & cross Lollipop Protectors
purl row Crack knitting and purling Diagonal & cross purl and knit stitch patterns Lollipop cast on knitting Protectors
Tile Forked lightning Grater Citadel
the purl stitch Tile knit right side Forked lightning purl stitches Grater ribbing Citadel
Interlacement Serpentine Mill Ashberry
simple knitting pattern Interlacement basic knitting instructions Serpentine free beginner knitting patterns Mill how to knit Ashberry
Fence Chess-board Stony Sea surf
knitting for women Fence cable stitch Chess-board knitting basics Stony beginner knitting Sea surf
Triangle Frail Battlements Stars
knitting for babies Triangle knitting projects for beginners Frail free beginners knitting patterns Battlements cable knit pattern free Stars
Faceted beads Basket Pine Cone Girandole
knitting help Faceted beads how to knit Basket purl stitch designs Pine Cone knit purl stitch patterns Girandole
Mushrooms Wicker Jaggies Kaleidoscope
easy baby knits Mushrooms knit and purl stitch Wicker purl one knit one Jaggies free baby blanket patterns Kaleidoscope
Wallpaper Stairs Rostral Column Rectangles
easy knitting baby blanket patterns Wallpaper knitting help Stairs purl stitch designs Rostral Column knitting samples Rectangles