Knitting Stitch Patterns -- Cable & Twist Stitches

This group of patterns combines a special when changing the sequence of two or more stitches. As a result of this stitches on the canvas are with a slope to the right or to the left. This reminds knitting the intertwining of the braid. Therefore, and patterns often called braids or bundles. Another common name "Irish" - indicates origin.
Moving loops performed with the use of additional cable needle. Motion is tilted to the left, if taken on an additional needle loop leave on the front side of knitting, or with an inclination right on back of work.
Most often all sorts braids decorated with warm jerseys - coat and pullovers, sweaters and jackets, wide scarves.

Caramels Knot Scales Vine
Cable & Twist Stitches Caramels textured knitting stitch patterns Knot different knit stitch patterns Scales twisted stitch knitting patterns Vine
Fancy Strand Bilateral Braids Snake
cable stitch Fancy wave knitting pattern Strand cable knit stitch library Bilateral Braids textured knit stitches Snake
Pergola Cereals Challah Dome
free cable knitting patterns Pergola knitting basics Cereals basic knitting patterns Challah beginner knitting projects Dome
Fence Twist on the delicate grid Oblique V-twisted knit stitch
how to knit a cable stitch Fence cable knit pattern Twist on the delicate grid basic knitting stitch Oblique twisted stitch V-twisted knit stitch
Honeycombs Amphora Spider Comet
knit ribbing Honeycombs twisted stitch Amphora twisted stitches Spider knitting daily Comet
Big basket Twisted strip 2 Blocks Heavy Wave
twist knit Big basket cable stitches Twisted strip 2 twist stitch Blocks knitted cable stitch Heavy Wave
Astrakhan fur Drizzle Plait Twisted strip
learn to knit Astrakhan fur stitches patterns Drizzle knitting twist stitch Plait twist knit Twisted strip
Squares and lanes Octopus Big Snakes Bows
blanket knitting patterns Squares and lanes twisted stitch Octopus scarf knitting stitches Big Snakes cable stitch needle Bows
Berry field Ripple Scallop Thin twigs
twisted knit stitch Berry field knit and sew Ripple easy knitting projects Scallop free knitting pattern Thin twigs
Parquet Decorative render Stream Envelope
knitting casting on Parquet cross stiching Decorative render knitting lessons Stream knitting patterns free Envelope
Chess Board Flashlight Lattice Puzzles
knitting instructions Chess Board knitting for beginners Flashlight leaf cable stitch knitting Lattice spider stitch knitting Puzzles
Shingles Letters Z Dragonfly Sine Wave
knitting for beginners Shingles cable knit Letters Z knitted scarf patterns Dragonfly crossover scarf knitting pattern Sine Wave