Knitting Stitch Patterns -- Multi-Colored

Multi-colour patterns are indispensable when you knit mittens, socks, hats, baby clothes, and also clothes for sports. Products obtained unusually bright, colorful.
Motley motives allow you to use small remnants of yarn, connecting them beautiful and unusual, and not just alternate stripes of different width.
At the present huge variety of yarn, you can achieve amazing results, working on the contrast of colors and textures yarn, combining, for example, high-quality wool yarn with rough linen, brilliant band-like, silk and fluffy.

Dragons Checkbox Glasses Zigzag
free scarf knitting patterns Dragons two color knitting patterns Checkbox two color knit scarf pattern Glasses knitting two color Zigzag
Scales Centipede Skull Twig
yarn works Scales knitting patterns for scarves Centipede beginning knitting Skull knitting stitch instructions Twig
Chain Braiding Mosquito grid Tracks
scarf patterns Chain simple knit stitches Braiding free baby knitting patterns Mosquito grid knitted stitch patterns Tracks
Herring-bone pattern Zebra Spray Diamonds
stitch knitting Herring-bone pattern how to slip a stitch Zebra knitting knit stitch Spray knitting stitches how to Diamonds
Spring Hydrangea Vermicelli Chequered
knitting projects for beginners Spring how to knit with 2 colors Hydrangea free knitting stitches Vermicelli knit two colors Chequered
Diaper cloth Windows Two-coloured basket Tick-tack-toe
knitting stitches free Diaper cloth
knitting in color Windows knitting daily Two-coloured basket pattern central Tick-tack-toe
Tapis Wave Labyrinth Multi-Colored Fantail
knit with two colors Tapis knitting with two colors Wave two color knit scarf pattern Labyrinth knit stitch knitting Multi-Colored Fantail
Frog Snake Goose Gauze
jacquard knit Frog free beginner knitting patterns Snake headband knitting pattern Goose knitting basic stitches Gauze
Stroke Algae Tetris Cornflower
knitting learn Stroke free simple knitting patterns Algae knitting projects Tetris knit cable patterns Cornflower
knitting patterns of two colours Caterpillar